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Tatras is international film festival.

We choose the High Tatras for our festival because of the beautiful scenery, nature, harmonious atmosphere and amazing people. The music and landscapes are connected together. The mountain view is lullaby for ears and eyes. The sound of nature, water, wind, is following us in every step.


The best film, screenplay and music video will be nominated for the main prize which will redistribute $1,000.00 annually.

We are festival that combines film, music and visual arts.

The festival is awarded every 2 months and is evaluated by our jury as part of a private screening.

Because the festival is bi-monthly, all entrants are informed after the deadline which film won in each category, as well as those who are honourable mentions, finalists and semi-finalists.

IMDb Qualifying Competition



Main category winners will be physically presented once a year in our ANNUAL CELEBRATION on 30th August 2024.

30th August 2024 - Summer Cinema Tatranská Lomnica - High Tatras

Join us and our friendly festival by submitting your film / video to the competition!


Winnings for the year 2023:
Feature Film – 250,00 USD
Short Film – 200,00 USD
Student Film – 100,00 USD
Music Video – 200,00 USD
Short Script – 100,00 USD
Feature Script – 150,00 USD

Edu fernandez.jpg

Edu Hernandez


High Tatras Film & Video Festival, thank you for this amazing experience, and a huge thanks for awarding our Documentary The Doctor, Franjo Grothenhermen. We recommend this festival and hope to return with future projects.

Congratulations to the organizers and all the Festival team for the amazing experience and great arrangements!
Their communication was excellent in every stage, and they were very quick in informing winners, providing laurels and certificates! A highly recommended festival that celebrates nature! Many thanks!!!

Dear High Tatras Film & Video Award team! We sincerely thank you for this high award! We are honored to receive it! Especially at a time when Russian bombs are falling on our peaceful cities and we are heroically resisting the Russian fascist troops, the high recognition of our film about this terrible war has a sacred meaning! May there be peace in your homes!

So honored to be the winner of Best Documentary Film (Lemon Island) in Season End November. Thank you!

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