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Project Information


Submitter Information

Opening Date - February 1, 2024 

Early Bird Deadline - February 11, 2024

Super Early Bird Deadline - March 6, 2024

Super Regular Deadline - March 26, 2024

Regular Deadline - April 16, 2024

Super Late Deadline - May 14, 2024

Late Deadline - June 7, 2024

Tatras Deadline - June 30, 2024

Pre-Final Deadline - July 24, 2024

Final Deadline - August 14, 2024

Notification Date - August 21, 2024

Event date - AUGUST 30, 2024

Thanks for submission

Submission Criteria

Filmmakers, producers, and/or musicians who submit their projects to the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL must possess all of the necessary permissions/rights to that project. At first, you won’t be asked for those, however, if the project will get nominated, it will be necessary. 

The applicant grants the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL the non-exclusive rights to reproduce the project and/or part of the project, and to showcase the video for the purposes of the event and/or its promotion.

Please note:

TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL does not guarantee that your submitted project will be shortlisted for the event.

All information posted by the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL is subject to change without prior notice.

There are no submission-fee refunds for the project that didn’t make it to the competition.

Terms and Conditions

Upon checking the box, I fully acknowledge and consent to the following:


“To the best of my knowledge, all statements in this document are true and correctly represented. I am duly authorized, on my behalf and on behalf of any person(s) or entity(ies) with ownership rights to the project, to submit this project to the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, and I attest that this submission is not in violation of any law or legal statute, nor does it violate any right of said person(s) or entity(ies). I hold the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL, its officers, as well as any and all of its fiscal sponsors and affiliated entities, exempt from any damage to, or loss of, any and all materials submitted by me, whether or not that damage or loss occurs en route to and/or from the event, or during the course of the event whilst the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL are in possession of said materials.”

Occurrence of a Force Majeure

 In the event that the occurrence of a Force Majeure Event delays or prevents the performance of this Agreement, the affected Party shall not be liable for any obligations hereunder only for such delayed or prevented performance (that includes a virus spread, strike, fires, civil disobedience, riots, rebellions, natural disasters, acts of God, acts of war or terrorism, actions or decrees of governmental bodies, and similar occurrences), in those cases the TATRAS INTERNATIONAL FILM FESTIVAL management is not obliged to offer a refund.

General Information

A confirmation will be sent via email once we receive your submission.


Nominated projects may be announced within one month from the time of submission.

Notifications will be sent via email and social media.

Please note:

Some email accounts have been blocking the newsletter system that we use to send out the nomination announcement. Please contact us if you haven’t received an email (regarding the status of your submission) by two weeks after the late deadline.

If nominated, please submit the following

Link to your social networks (Facebook, Twitter, etc.), including those of the director/producer,label, production company, etc.

This is to help us promote your project and your nomination.

The Jury Panel:

  • All winning videos will be chosen by a jury panel.

  • The winners will be chosen by a jury panel that consists of experienced filmmakers and experts in the music video industry from around the world. For general inquiries:

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